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Default Re: "OINKY" new police bike build

Originally Posted by robin View Post
Hey spunout here in penticton there is a huge need for a motorized bicycle mechanic and small engines guy--we are the retirement capital of canada--no real recession here-- i can help you get set up free (i frequently need help)am retired too--no one here wants to touch the bikes or engines--small engine guys dont want you nor do the bicycle shops--call me 1 250 462-0800 -robin town is 30000 people
my friend rob is in real estate (look up penticton chamber of commerce) ive been here 35 years as a Landscape contractor
oops. missed your post. i'll give you a holler.

EDIT: saw lots of photos...penticton is sooooo awesome!
Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.

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