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Default Re: Anyone Riding To Work Rain Or Shine?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
I already have a 3/4 helmet which should work well. The Verizon rain suit is awesome with rubber boots and suspender pants. we used to stuff our sleeves with paper towels to keep the rain out while working with hands held overhead.

And yes, thankfully it's not cold when it rains here.

I got caught in the rain riding home from work last month, but the water could NOT wipe away my big smile as I rode home.
Dude. Not cold? I ride up Central Oahu between Wahiawa and Whitmore. The WCF can bring it down in the 40's on some mornings. Dang! I gotta double up with a jacket and a rain coat I found at Walmart. Of course it doesn't help that I always wear shorts, rain or shine.

Btw, I use a moped/scooter or my old Fuji mountain/city bike for my short ride to work. Just found out I'll be getting a sizeable tax return and will be using a small portion to build my first motorized bike. I still like the idea of electric, but isn't looking like a practical option right now. I'm going with the biggest 2 stroke I can find and a shift kit.
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