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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

hi boxcar. the best thing to do is pick up some veg tanned leather. leather when wet is like clay and you can mold it to the seat frame then screw or rivet it to the saddle frame. its a actually pretty easy to do and you will love the custom look when finished. also you will not sweat on a real leather seat like you would a fake leather and will form to your bottom. the key is take your time molding it then do not mess with it for at least a day till leather is totally dry. you will be amazed how it will hold its shape. take your time molding it around the seat from with your fingers. Best place to get leather is from tandy leather factory. They have a few stores in OR. also get a good finish for it when done. ad to this cut the piece way bigger then needed, easy to trim with a good exacto knife. a good brooks leather saddle costs 100's of dollars and with that frame you can make one that puts theirs to shame
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