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Default Re: First work week commuting on my new bike.

You know, Allen, just the other day I noticed one of your posts in another thread. I'd noted your location sometime in the past, by the way. So I found myself thinking, "I miss having an ocean right nearby".

But your mention of three feet of snow on the side of the roads also reminds me that there's a downside to living in Maine. Still, you're in a gorgeous part of the world.

And I'm sorry to hear, mapbike, that you've got a beautiful day but can't ride. I'm lucky to live within riding distance of my job. Otherwise I'd hardly ever find time to ride.

For a good deal of my adult life I made my living out on the road. I went to my customers, not the other way around. Riding a bike very much was sort of difficult. I carried a bike with me. But it was hard to find any real time for it. Plus not knowing where the good riding was in a given area was a handicap.

But when fuel got to about $4.50/gallon I gave it all up and found a local job. Then fuel went down to $1.50/gallon. Go figure.

Yet it all worked out pretty well. It's nice to not be constantly wandering. I think I'm about tired of that.

Plus I can get to and from my job by bicycle. Life is good.
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