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Default Re: Steel frame motorized bike basics in a second

Originally Posted by BOYGOFAST View Post
No boxcar you don't understand much of anything correctly, nor do one too many of those posting replies for some reason. When I point out that the antique bicycle I'm presenting is limited to what can be attached and why you don't understand why ? Some have concluded that professionals building cars and bicycles with engines can present the duplication of a motorcycle built out of a bicycle without being questioned. And larger projects boast much more suspension and engine size on 10 lb bicycle frame no way it's possible and end up with anything fit to ride anywhere anytime ..
So you come to this forum with a thrown together motorized bicycle and bash the motorized bicyclesthe rest of us have built, man you are either clueless, trying to start trouble or out of your right

If you dont like seeing people build motorized bikes then move along down the road is my suggestion because thats what we do here.

Again your point is pointless and just very agrivatting.....we all know we aren't building motorcycles here, but in case you didnt know, the first motorcycles were motorized bicycles....

Many of us try to advise people to do certain things to make their bike as safe as possible but since we're all free to build our bikes as we wish, we just all do the best we can and enjoy the hobby.

honestly, based on the bike you show in your videos, its obvious that you aren't an expert builder so I dont understand what points you feel you are qulified to make here.....

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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