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Smile Re: Welcome

Thank you both very much for your welcome!

Right now she's got no spark. Had her running fine, as far as I could tell, for a few weeks in the Wisconsin winter/spring. I put about fifteen or twenty miles on it total on 20:1 after buying it from the builder after he had broken it in on 16:1. I'm using Lucas Oil. One day I was on my way back from work in the cold slime and it sputtered about three times, regaining power after each sputter, then died and wouldn't fire for anything. Good compression, good fuel fine - although the line had come off earlier in the trip, I killed it and restarted it after reconnecting the line and wiping fuel from the engine. In the weeks following I figured out I had no spark. Testing the magneto went well, but finally the CDI will not read anything, no matter where I put the contacts. Ordered a new one with crossed fingers this morning from GasBike since BikeBerry was out of stock, so I'm hoping for the best when it arrives. The bike otherwise all seems so kosher, so this will be a relief if it's the fix I need.

If its not the fix I need, I'll post a fresh thread with the bike's life story in the appropriate section. Thanks again!

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