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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by DRBS View Post
you especially want the al thread connectors when you go to the fred head the regular nuts seem to "get lost" in the head since there is taller fins LOL just a suggestion
No worries there... the genuine Fred heads come with the extra tall nuts already and I prefer those over all other options, besides that they also look great and no worries about bottoming out on the acorn caps.he also sells the brass exhaust flange nuts which are far better than steel both for their anti seize properties and the softer metal tends to stay put better.... ever since I started using these I've never had to retorque an exhaust nut. The intake side gets self locking nuts and the studs are locktited in with blue locktite so everything there staysnpit very well too.

For the stock slant head that's on it now I took off 1 mm and polished the combustion chamber for better detonation prevention as well as compression, polishing the combustion chamber also helps prevent carbon buildup.

This bike is built for cruising and putting thru the neighborhood but with just a little extra go power if he wants to try it. I got the better jugs at the shop to make a screamer if he decides he wants a 40+ mph beast or even more acceleration I can set up onenof those jugs and add in a 50 tooth rear sprocket so it'll still top out around 35 mph but get there fast.
for now I'm sure he'll be happy just to have it running, the extra power is just the icing on the cake.
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