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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

I like your ideas for rebuilding your elderly Cosmos Boxcar. The restore/leave alone debate is a real minefield for the unwary. I tend to leave my old bikes with their patina of age, but carefully maintain them for every day use. Not long ago I sold a late 1930's Dutch 'Veeno' to a 'restorer'. It was shabby, but complete with all its original fittings, pin-striping and transfers/decals. When I saw the same bike later on in the hands of a local woman who had purchased it from him I was shocked. The original chain guard, seat and lighting set was gone, it had been powder coated black with no pin-striping and no transfers/decals and all the plating had been dealt with by sandblasting and galvanising the metal afterwards.
I really regretted having sold the bicycle as I'd purchased it from a young Dutch couple who had brought it with them to New Zealand when they emigrated and the bicycle had been continuously owned by their family since it had been purchased new. Folk ask me all the time if I have any bikes for sale and I just say no now and as for the idiots looking for an old bike to leave to rust as a garden feature I barely give them the time of day.

Disguising a new 'Flying Pigeon' sounds to be a great idea. My Wu Yang with the Velo Solex engine confuses folk all the time as to its true age.
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