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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Holy crap!

So I couldn't wait any longer, cobled the engine onto the bike, hung the chain, sprocket ect ect(took a day) I said the **** with it an mixed up some 20:1 synthetic high octane and went out to see if it would start. Now I just had everything together half ass just so I could get a start, but not good enough to go riding.

It was worth it and I couldn't believe it started right up. I pulled the clutch in and let it idle for like 20 seconds then shut it off. I need to see if everything is tight and all that before I crank on it. I'll go ahead and get the chain better and all that also, tak the front fender off and air up the tires better.
Then I'll see if I can run a slow tank through it, before I take it all apart to customize the bike.

My faith is restored....looks like I got a runner.
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