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Default Re: Tools Every MBer should have.

Yeah, Trey. There are built in limitations to the Google search. It focuses in on key words and provides everything related to that search criteria.

I'll ask Paul if there is any way to restrict the search findings but I don't believe there is.
Google sees "tools" and roots out every post or thread with that keyword. I agree that it increases the wading through lots of discussion but it does give some encapsulation with a few intro words that helps narrow the field somewhat.

Also there are tricks to using the search. Example: I just typed in "required tools" and got this > Not a huge amount but there are several threads and posts that talk of tools that are needed. At least enough info to give folks some ideas of what might be required.

Being specific with the search is critical to finding what you're looking for instead of pages of discussion containing a singel keyword.

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