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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Oh where do I start...My exhaust wouldn't stop leaking, no matter what I did. I pulled it off and wire wheeled it and found that the flange wasn't completely flat (Casting problem). So I ground that down, polished the whole pipe up, and put gasket sealer on it. There was oil dripping down the cylinder into the mag compartment, and when I removed the lowest bolt oil poured out. Pulled it apart, brake cleaner and compressed air cleaned it out. While I was at it, I cut the white wire off and the blue one, soldered a new one on that was long enough to go up to where I wanted my CDI. Also put a new clutch cable on and greased the wheel bearings, gave it a once over. I've been running 32:1 but will probably start going 40:1. Rebuilt the carb, changed the spark plug wire (Probably didn't have to, but for the $5 it cost for the wire and boot, might as well). Also trued up the rear wheel which I bent a spoke on last year and never fixed

Worked on it from 10am till 7pm. Going to probably make a wood "Tank" for the cruiser frame and stain it a dark color to hide the electronics in (Of course, make them accessible if need be), wire up the lights and horn.
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