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Default Re: Twin 66cc 2 Stroke Build Thread

It's going to fly apart.
I'm not trying to flame you or be mean.
Think balance.... The 44 tooth sprocket mounted the way you did has very little.
I understand what you are trying to do.
But , welding studs to the clutch basket gear is a bad idea. Its a fairly delicate part to begin with.
If you want to link the two engines at the output shafts you will need to do it at the primary sprockets.
It's going to require a machine shop.
You will need to extend the output shafts on both motors for chain clearance.
Fabricate a dual sprocket for the lower engine and then add outrigger bearings to hold the extended shafts on each engine.
By doing this you will be able to link the two engines with a short chain then drive the rear wheel from the second sprocket ( duel sprocket) of the lower engine.
Realize that I'm spit balling here. I have done no calculations , and am not claiming to have done any proper engineering on this idea. ( disclaimer )
Happy Trails......

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