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Default Re: Hello good people !

Good morning eveybody. Just got up now, made breakfast for em kiddies and powered up the coffeine level . Checking mail, and what do i find ? Somebody tells me that a community member owns a house at "Reichenau" ? Thats pretty funny because, i was born a footwalk from there. Reichenau is a very little island in the "Lac de Constance" (or "Bodensee" as we say in germany). There is a few small islands, one is famous in whole Europe, its the "Mainau", an island which is covered all over with flowers, nothing but flowers. Mainau is next to Reichenau, Reichenau is not covered with flowers but with veggies, they grow all kind of green stuff there. And the small village on the landside from Mainau, thats where is was born (and do some vacations each year with the babies). Its a good place to stay, if i was rich i would make my living there for sure.

And about the trade in: Come over and show me that Norton rip-off. Ah. No plane in your carport. Hm. sorry. Neither in mine.

Have a nice day everybody, talk after the show,cheerz,
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