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Default Re: motorized bike only starts with starter fluid

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
I don't know why, but I am willing to be you have a leak somewhere.

Use the choke, get it running less than a minute, then turn the choke off. Also, since it's so cold up there, the air will be more dense. So, re-jetting might have to be redone, to compensate for the ridiculous amount of cold air.
Good thought, Don. No body has asked if the engine runs with the choke on or if it idles fast. An air (vacuum) leak will impact starting, especially cold starts.

Some other thoughts: The fuel petcock should be closed when the bike is parked. Most float valves will seep if only a little over time and flood the engine.

Poor electrical connections in the spark plug boot, normal with the kit boot, can also make for hard starts.

Just food for thought.

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