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If you look at the spokes you will see that every second spoke pull the rim one way, or in one direction. The other group of (every second) spokes pull the other way.
Start with the largest wobble and work your rim until they get smaller and smaller.
Never tighten the spokes more that a turn because you would be amazed at how much effect it can have.
I hold a screw driver against my frame and hold it steady. I then turn the rim and watch as the bent rim starts to get near my rim. I then note when it starts to scrape the rim.
Lets say that it rubbed for a length of 6 spokes. Out of those six spokes you only want to tighten the spokes that pull the rim away from side that rubbed. If it's 3 spokes you are going to tighten, you would turn the middle an amount that was more than the outer spokes. If all that makes sense to you, just work at it slowly, one wobble at a time and in ten minutes you will bee fine tuning the thing.
Don't forget to service the wheel bearings now while the wheel is of.

Edit* What Saddletramp said!
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