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Default Re: Hello good people !

No sweat good people....Just because i dont post for day dont mean i dropped dead. :-) Today it just was to say that...My wife works in a hospital, late shift today so i was home with them little peas, so no time for nothing, and now i am just doing the most nessecary and then i`ll fall over and hit the feathers.

About the bike: I am a little torn between " i dont care what your name is, but i like your style" (did i say that earlier at some other occasion ? Hm...) and " Spit it out you damn piece of dumb red metal, who are you and what do you want from me" This way or the other, this is pretty confusing i can clearly say that. Even more as none of all these options are easy to find out about.

But i was dead proud if this by any chance was a bike which had Sarolea genes in it, as i absolutely adore the 600ccm Big Blocks they made. Awsome fat killer bikes, i saw one in candy red which made me feel like back then when i was 14 and flipped out my first centerfold. Anyway, nuff said, time to go horizonal. Cheers good people, talk later. By the way, sunday there is a big Motorshow and trade near my home, calles "Technorama" and its all about Vintage bikes. I am there dude !! I`ll see if i can do some footage , video, photos and of course..Get me some hardware...

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