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Default Re: Buying in California, problems arise...

Originally Posted by mummyjohn View Post
I paid for a bike engine on eBay, only to find out hours later that the seller did not ship to California because of C.A.R.B. laws. I complied with their request to cancel the transaction; I get a refund and am still bereft of a motor. I figured that was only one paranoid seller and that others would not be so...annoying. Anyway, after checking page after page on eBay, I couldn't find a single person that shipped to California. Now, last time I checked, governments don't check what people are buying on eBay, so if I were to buy one of these, the seller would not get in trouble for shipping it to me in California. But that's dancing around the point.

Here's the long and short of it: does anyone here know where I can purchase a bicycle motor and get it in California?
bike berry will ship to california as long as you agree that you will not ride it on the street
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