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Dude that's damn good it almost makes me want to do that, only problem for me right now is I don't have enough to invest into another kit but thats definitely a possibility in the future. Yeah I don't personally know the kid with the motorbike but I've seen him ridin around and that's one of the reasons I got a kit. Also me n my friends have been talkin about how cool itd be to have one, so I got one lol now my friends are gonna get one soon. Yeah I've seen some good deals on craigslist for bikes, and some people basically give their **** away. One of the people on this forum posted pictures of all the deals he got on Craigslist and from goodwill, only payin a few bucks per bike. He got a stingray for 12 bucks which I thought was ridiculous. Btw I've been watchin your vids, I really like the kit with the jack shaft on it. What's your top speed?
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