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I usually profit $250-300 off of them believe it or not i buy the bikes of Craigslist for crackhead prices ($30-$50) so really im only into the build for rite around $200 then i sell em for between $400-$600 ...ive got about $1800 into my new one with the jackshaft kit but i did ALOT OF WORK to the bike it does 45 mph the way is sits .....idk what part of cali ur in but ik motorized biking it huge out the just sent me an invite to the motorized bicycle grand prix but im not gonna be makin any special trips like that at this point in life .....**** man at least u got one person to ride with tho im all alone out here with a bunch of randon wierdos askin can i take your bike for a spin or the all time dumb question ....does this bicycle really run off gas its urine lol ....that orange bike i paid $30 for it on Craigslist bought a kit off ebay for $120 with free shipping and sold it for $450 that was one smooth ride rite there. .......a chopper is one ive been planning on doin but those bikes are hard to find at a decent price and im not gonna buy a new one because they are usually over $200 im not paying that unles im intend on keeping it
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