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That's actually not a bad idea, how much do you generally make off of one bike? I checked your channel, I like the orange frame on the first vid. I think my next build is gonna b something like that. Either that kid of frame with some nice forks, handle bars and seat, or I may just go all out and try to make some mini chopper build out of a Schwann stingray or somethin like that. These things are fun man I've only had mine for about a month now but they ride nice, I have a GoPed scooter too which has better acceleration but the motorbike I have has better top speed, and feels way safer lol. Yeah that'd b cool to get a rally goin, I'd like to also but I really don't know anyone that rides around here except for 1 kid. I get a lot of comments on the bike from strangers tho, everyone thinks it's pretty cool.
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