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Default Re: got first 80cc motor and a fre questions

Originally Posted by smalls420 View Post
So I got a 80cc motor from a friend. I have put it on a 20in true value sun scorcher from the 70s.
Im wondering if a 415 chain will fit?
When I put it on it kinda misses the engine sprocket.
Second is.... Is there an adapter for the rim and sprocket.

Tried to upload pics but wont let me from my cell phone.
Hello fello Brown county motorbiker.....

Have you checked to see if the engine will mount up ok in the 20" frame?

Im gonna say y3s a 415 chain will work just fine for the drive chain, its what I use on all my bikes.

You really need to be on a PC to upload pix, I think they can be uploaded on some tablets maybe but not from a cell phone as far as I know.

You will need to make a few more posts on here also before you'll be able to upload pix, maybe about 5 or 6 posts I think, been so long I cant remember for sure....

Kinda exciting to kno2 there is gonna be someone else here in my area that has a motorized bike, I dont ride into town a lot but as temps warm up some when I have time I do from time to time.

Youve probably seen me in town before since I have had my bikesbuilt since 2009, there are one or maybe two other fellas that have had a bike rigged up but only oneguy that I know of that lives out in Early has been able to keep his going for very long at a time.

Maybe you get your Going and we'll meet up some day in town and exchange motorized bike talk.

Lots of very knowledgable people here that can help you solve just about anything you can encounter with your bike build.

Best Wishes, Map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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