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Default Re: motorized bike only starts with starter fluid

Try starting the engine with the choke... it should fire right up after it's been run a few times.
My next question is are you running your gas/oil ratio at 16:1? If so, that can make the engine hard to start even on a warm day, 16:1 is just way too much oil and it's safe to break in the engine at 32:1 or whatever ratio you prefer to run after break in.
Most people run 40:1 once broken in and some of us use a little more oil like 32:1, and some of us run as high as 100:1 using Opti2 or Amsoil.
If you are running 16:1 right now, switch up to at least 24:1 and it'll start a lot easier and not be so messy, but it's safe to break in at 32:1 or even 40:1
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