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Default Re: Hello good people !

Oh, you found it? Thats the very picture which caught my eye and made be buy it. Thats my bike as the vendor set in into the online auction :-) It would be good if the internet was refreshed from time to time, i keep receiving hits for my searches and if clicked they tell me they are all obsolete...Anyway. thanks a ton for sending my inquiry to that office, that is very nice and maybe the last place i havent been thinking of yet. Half an hour ago i identified 2 alternate online marketplaces, and in 1 of them i found a lady`s bicycle from Thoria. Not exactly what i was hoping for, but the frame was very nice weldered....I almost bought it, just for the reason of it, it was 35 bucks only ! Thanks again, Regards and good night (its late over here) cheers,
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