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Default unique jackshafted bmx/dual suspension drive idea

anyone here ever try putting 2 freewheels on right side of a wheel with 2 chains, 1 to engine, 1 to pedals, for drive setup, comtemplating doing it on a rack mount with jackshaft to right side with 2 bmx freewheels to totally eliminate drivechain drag, i read somewhere that a bottom bracket cup from 3 piece cranks is exactly same as freewheel thread on back wheel, i have plenty bikes to scavenge for bits, just no rack mount kit or engine, dont want to waste effort to end up failing.

also how hard is it to make a dax friction drive kit a rack mount jackshaft kit?
what do i need other than drive cogs and chain, i know i would immediatly void warranty, not worried about that unless there is another kit out there already like that that i cant find, have tried every sponsor.

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