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Default Re: Hello good people !

True statement that is. But the matter of fact that the parts are somewhere out there is only half of a game, the other part is : Do i want just something on my bike which will do the job ( some headlight for instance, a speedo which will do what it should) or do i want a good job and i want THE headlight ( a Hella or Bosch ?) and THE speedo (VDO) which was mounted in 1956. If the latter is the case, then all the new produced spareparts arent helping, and we`re back to sq1. And then: If i dont even know what it was looking like, then, in some cases, i wouldnt even know whatv to look for . For instance : When i bought this bike, i saw that the brakes in the rear wheel were pushed via a steel cable. This made me go "hugh?" because i only saw brakes be done via liquid lines (later bikes that is of course) or with some solid piece of metal but not via a pianostring like "rope". Its possible that this was done like that, although i wouldnt tend to believe it. The foot pedal has a fat spring which pulles it back, so the string will still be tightened, but its ...stange isnt it. So...I would need a photo to know if i need to trash that and find me a steel rod or refurbish this fancy cable construction. This way or the other...I will need a photo before i can go for it. Until then, i will stay with cleaning and repairing, without changing things too much... I sent mail to around 50 people in belgium now, all email addresses that i found on homepages of oldtimer loivers, clubs, museeums etc, all from belgium. And guess what. Not a single person had any info. Only thing i was able to spot was a picture of a lady with another Thoria ( but not my model) in a collection of club.-member pics. So i know this company once existed, but it makes me feel bad that apparently even specialists from BE havent got a clue. Looks like this company didnt do for too long...keep you posted, cheers,Lars

by the way : I see that lots of people are looking for bikes with sachs engines here. If ever some of you struggle with a german http, or a german e.bay offer or something, just drop me a line, i can translate.
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