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Default Re: Hello good people !

@ Silverbear : Yes, thats a Sachs engine. This the good part about it because these Sachs engines are easy to get, lots of people around here who know what screw to turn when, and spares all along the main street, so no issues here. The Sachs engines were made in 2 main shapes, the M32 and the M50 (while M is for motor, the number is for the year it was intruduced) so very roughly you can divide them into pre- and post war. Mine is a M50K, which means its got a kicker as well, but no pedals ( i like that, as it sets the thing apart from bicycles, more towards a "real" machine)

..and about the belgium language : I should possibly not comment, as i am perfectly depending on dutch and belgium people to help me out in this case....
But yes.
Its true.

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