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Default Re: Making a torque pipe

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
My Torque pipe, which was not perfect, but made my bike wheelie also, with a nice boost as low as 4000, however limited my revs to around 8500, that's with a fairly restrictive and effective silencer though, was touching 9000 with out silencer.
KTM pipe comes on a little later, but goes above 10 000 easily, more power, but also more noise.
I hadn't built a torque pipe yet, but if I do I'll probably do a few minor changes to enhance the top end performance for more speed and decent acceleration. The angles of the cones are still good in the design but I'd add more diameter to the stinger to make it less restrictive and allow more rpm as well as still having power at the higher rpm's, I would also build it as a side bleed for quieter operation without the need for a muffler, but a free flowing muffler could still be used to run even quieter.

The pipe I'm using now is the KTM 50 pipe which lets the rpm go above the 10k mark rather easily and it starts to kick in at around 4500 rpm since I added in 4" more to the belly section. It was working good at stock length but it did take a bit more rpm before it really kicked in, it was also a bit stronger above 9k rpm but it's still not too bad.

I was on ebay a few days ago and saw somebody had 2 kx65 pipes they were selling both for $40 so I snatched them up before anyone else saw them and I plan on making one fit at stock length then add in some header length if the powerband starts too high up. I still want to make a torque pipe to play around with as well but since I got such a good deal on the kx pipes I'll be making my next 2 pipes out of those first.
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