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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yup... the key is good and I attempted the start with fresh fuel and freshly rebuilt the carb... so pretty much the only thing left is bad timing unless the magnet is so weak that it can make a spark outside the cylinder but not under compression, but I doubt that's the problem since it's spark is nice, bright, and strong. Didn't have time to lookat it today but I'm leaning more and more toward it being off timing. This engine is still piston port and not modified in any way but it's possible the guy got a lemon from the start or got that mag rotor off another engine where the keyways might be clocked different enough for the timing to be too far off to fire the cylinder, I know the fresh fuel is making it into the cylinder too since it is coming out the exhaust pipe after motoring the engine for about 30 seconds with a cordless drill.
Since I got another engine on order I'll most likely just install that one on his bike and keep his old one since there's like zero wear in his cylinder and on the rings, then I can take a better look at it once I got more time and find out exactly why it's not starting. I may put on one of my spare mag rotors to compare the clocking and see if he just got a bad rotor or the key slot on that crank is in the wrong place.
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