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Default Re: Fixie with a flip flop hub.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I know I wouldn't be putting my 215lbs on that passenger!

overall looks like the bike was done good though.

Im not sold on the dual brake lever thing though, going in a straight line while breaking is fine, but be turning a corner at 20mph where the road is wet or may have a little loose gravel on it and any braking on that front wheel is gonna put you on the ground hands and k ees first with shoulder and head following close behind.

Wonder why motorcycles dont have dual levers......?

The answer is simple and that is that they're very unsafe in many riding conditions, you should always be able to apply brakes independently on a two or three wheeled vehicle.
I'm with Map here. No dual levers on my bikes. Good way to crash when it brakes the wrong wheel at a bad time. Only way I will use one is two brakes on the same wheel like a planned OCC rear brake mod sometime this summer...
I MUCH prefer separate front and rear controls even if it requires two levers on one side. Took me about 15 minutes to adjust my riding habits.
I will mention it can be confusing for inexperienced riders to deal with.
I've had people jump on my bike and do stupid things by grabbing wrong lever...
I also choose to consider the 3 lever setup a small level of anti-theft since there's a chance a thief could crash while trying to escape my takes a while to figure it out if you're used to motorcycles.
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