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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by trialnerror View Post
@ davezilla-

good compression and spark- leads me to think it is as simple as a sheared or damaged key for the flywheel?
I could only wish... checked for that and all was intact... it could still be an air leak in the case or at the crank seals, or there's a lot of dead fuel inside the case that hadn't flushed out, but this one wont even fire with a shot of ether down the carb so it looks more and more like the wrong mag rotor making a spark but way off timing so it wont fire, the guy gave me a basket of parts including a badly thrashed 49cc engine so its very possible it has the wrong mag rotor installed or one with the key slot in the wrong place. I'm still swapping out his parts with my known good spares whenever I get time to mess with it but I will get it running... I also have another new engine coming to me so I may give him the new engine and keep his to rebuild for a later project since the one I ordered will most likely sit in my stock room until I can find another bike And the time to set it all up.
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