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Default Re: Quieter muffler?

I now want to start opening my bike up a bit!

Air Intake: 48 mm = 1-28/32" - hmmm what have you found that fits this? Or is it easier to adapt up to 2"? And what the heck do you clamp to - the flange on the carb is tiny?

Exhaust: I REALLY want a pipe like cruiser's for better low end grunt and top end flow, the chamber allows pulses to work for your engine.

How Two-Stroke Expansion Chambers Work, and Why You Should Care.
Dan's Motorcycle "Two Stroke Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes"

I was looking at the DAX $19.99 HiPo exhaust as well. I may drill/cut my current set-up, just for fun.

Noise: My exhaust is sorta noisy when standing by and revving it, but not really THAT loud when buzzing by. OTOH it isn't the silent beast either. A chamber pipe with an exhaust tip would be the best of both worlds, IMHO.

Noise II: I've got some sound deadening stuff for the clutch chamber and some silicone rubber tubing hunks to form fin sound deadener.
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