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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Finally got some time to mess with the bike some more and swapped out my 44 tooth rear for a 40 tooth as well as converting the front brakes to a disc brake setup. I'll ride it in the morning to see how it does if it stops raining before I have to open up shop.

I also worked that other bike that belongs to one of my customers some more, still not starting, but it has spark and good compression so I'm thinking he either has his mag rotor on backward or a really bad air leak somewhere I hadn't found yet. I just bought another engine so it might go in his bike just to get him back up and running, then while on ebay I also scored 2 KX 65 expansion chamber pipes for $40 since this guy wants a pipe like mine and I want to build a new pipe for mine I'll either give him my pipe or make him one out of one of the KX pipes.
Also ordered another jug from another seller on ebay to see if it's the type I like using and modifying... we'll see what comes in and if it's the good ones or not soon...
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