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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

Nobody here gives a crap about motorized bicycles. Nobody but me rides them.

I will say that people smile at me when I go by, but I dunno if they think it's cool or they think I'm nuts.

I've owned 11 motorcycles in my lifetime so far, 3 are in my garage now. None of them have had any exhaust or intake modifications or any engine work. They are plenty fast enough stock. And nice and quiet too. I've never been down (except the dirt) and I've never been hit. Lucky me.

If you ride (or drive) any motor vehicle past my house and I can't hear the TV then I hate you. Sorry, but that's the way I feel. Your right to a loud muffler ends when I can't hear the TV anymore.

No, I don't want to see what you've got I want it to go away.
The only thing in my garage with 4 wheels is the lawnmower
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