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Default Re: Aluminum Brazing

Originally Posted by BOYGOFAST View Post
NFG, too light for much of anything outside ornamental you need a stick or a wire feed Mig ..
Gotta know how to use these before they'll work... when done right it's been proven in several torture tests by vendors AND customers that the metal will fail before the braze joint will. Would I weld a bike frame together with these? Absolutely not, but will I use them to quick fix something that needs good strengthlike adding in a few brackets and tabs or repair a cracked engine case with them... If my welder isn't available to me, absolutely.

I have a stick, TIG, and wire feed Mig at my shop as well as oxy/acetylene, propane and mapp torches, and an old carbon arc brazing torch and they all have their place. If you're fabbing up a frame, Mig is hard to beat for strength and speed, if it's really thin metal and precision is needed such as fabbing up a gas tank or expansion chamber, Tig is the way to go, brazing is also an excellent choice here.
These aluminum brazing rods would also do a great job for home fabricating an aluminum tank, but they do their best when doing quick fixes or damage repairs, the metal MUST be clean and at the right temperature or the whole process won't work.
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