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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

I run all my motorcycles open and loud too... That way there's none of that"I didn't see him" or I didn't know he was there" B.S. if I do get hit, and BTW, I did get hit last year sitting at an intersection when some guy in an SUV thought it was more important to look at his daughter in the back seat than the road. Lucky for me he was close to stopped when he hit me and it just shoved me forward a few feet. I thought it was my clutch letting go at first, then I saw nothing but grille in my rearview mirrors.
I pulled the bike off the road and the guy followed me, I looked over the bike and didn't see any real damage so I kept him nervous but finally let him go since I was on my way to work. About 2 or 3 days l;ater I have a car follow me off the freeway telling me my tail light fell off and shattered on the highway... After that I get the bike home to find out that hit took out the rear tail light bracket and it's electronics that run the signals etc so it still ended up costing me, but still luckily I didn't get hurt.

I also get the same reactions when I pull up next to people at the stoplights, some give a quick look and then turn away, others give me a thumbs up, and others sit there nervously waiting for the light to turn green when I'm on either of the V twins.
When I'm on the bicycle, people smile and wave, give me thumbs up, follow me to the shop asking to see it closer or get pictures of it as well as asking if it's for sale, where they can get one, and if I'll build one for them... It's a really cool reaction and that reaction multiplies at biker ralleys or motorcycle related events etc... take a Harley to the ralley and everyone has one, but take a $500 bicycle with an engine and everyone wants one.
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