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Default Re: Fixie with a flip flop hub.

Originally Posted by Eric2.0 View Post
I found this video of a guy who motorized a fixie thruster like yours. What he did is mount the big gear without the rag joint, directly onto the fixie gear. I assume he drilled holes through it and bolted it all together. Doesn't use the spokes at all this way.

About 1:21 into the video.
Ive seen that done also, even thought about doing it on the fixie wheel I have that came off my latest build up, I've had some issues with 14ga spokes breaking under the rag joint rubbers.

I have been thinking about trying to find a softer rubber to make my coupler pads out of, the heavy thick stuff with all the cardage in it really tweaks the 14ga spokes and puts extreme twnsion on thembetween coupler and hub, I think a softer material that will allow the spokes to imbed easier into it will relieve a lot of that pressure.

if I find a suitible rubber that I can work with Im gonna give it a try and see if I can make the rag joint durable enough without putting all that added stress on the smaller spokes.
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