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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Very true... I personally own 3 motorcycles and they all have their place in my life, they have all been customized by me and have numerous upgrades.
I started this with the motorized bicycles just out of pure fun, its an easy hobby in comparison but its also a fun one. I came in with a plan to build one alongside another friend so we could see who could build a faster bike... all just out of fun, but we both toot layoff notices at work and I already bought a kit... needless to say I built mine and I was hooked. My friend was able to keep his job at Boeing but he ended up having to relocate. I used my severance pay to start my own auto shop so now we're both still financially capable to buy a small motorcycle or 3 but these things are. So much more fun to tinker with, not to mention there is a huge price difference between upgrading one if these and a Harley, or even a 200cc dirt/street bike.
I just enjoy the build, the upgrading, and finally the ride.... I even choose to ride mine over the sportstrr in the mornings to do my taco runs etc... I can push it out the office door and no need to open up the main shop door so its quick and convenient that way, but its the fun factor that keeps me going to it instead of the motorcycles.

Yep, I have a Harley, and old Yamaha and a 150cc scooter that are all enjoyable to ride, but none is as much fun overall as my motorized bicycles.

Some people see me pull up on the softail custom and say " nice bike " or just look for a second, other act as though it scares them or they dont like the sound of the Big Radius Vance & Hines slash cut

When I pull up anywhere on one of my motorized bicycles I get many looks, big smiles, people want to take a picture, they want to ask questions and they want one thenselves or for the kids or grandkids, the motorized bicycle is the well accepted crowd favorite to most, oh yeah there are the idiots out there that act like its a joke and look down their nose at it but thats just because they're the arrogant type that think its only cool if they have those people dont even count in my opinion, they just go around waisting good air that would be better used being sucked through an NT Speed!

Yes we love our motorized bikes dont we....
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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