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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Even though its a few months old, It's still a good thread. I've never been hit on my motorized bicycle so far, (Knock on wood.) But my shop manager is another story. Eight times to date. I tell him Thank God he's not a cat or he's only got one shot left. This time the young man that hit him drove off laughing. Another guy saw it all and chased down the guy and got his plate number. My guy should be Okie rich pretty soon. The dude had insurance but the lawers are dragging their feet.
I've had some close calls that left me stopped in the middle of the street screaming lewd things at some little old lady. I'm sure everybody watching thought I was crazy. Cage drivers do stupid things in front of MB's, Probably thinking it's only a bicycle and not doing 30mph. But I've said it before too, If ya wanna do much more than 30mph, get a motorcycle.
Getting hit by a car around here will be hard to avoid. The drivers just aren't used to bicycles or motor bikes because the kids today are all in the house. I watch my blurry shaking mirror all the time to dodge them if they come at me. I've had a couple near-misses already.
Keep your head on a swivel so you're aware of everythang, and ride like you're invisible to them.
Good luck to all.
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