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Default Re: First ride of the year

Originally Posted by proneto911 View Post
I appreciate the info Greg58 I will definitely take the head off and take a lol at it. I might eliminate the metal gasket all together and see how it goes up and down the block less than 1/2 mile so don't think it will damage it. Although it is metal and the notched side is up so that might be another reason as well.
Dont remove head gasket unless you plan to surface the cylinder deck and the head, you would also need to do a good check for clearance between head and piston dome, some of the engines like the GT5 and what we call the Half Breed have plenty of piston to head clearance since piston in half breed engines sits about .062" down in the hole at TDC but if its a 40mm stroke PK80 type engine the piston will hit the head if you dont use a gasket unless you add an extra base gasket between cylinder jug and case.

Just wanted to offer a little info here that may save you some trouble.

are you running stock kit type head on your engine?

the reason I ask is because the pedal chopper square heads require a shorter spark plug than the stock heads or any of the other heads like the Fred Head, Jake Head, etc.if the piston sits at the ideal height at TDC.

so If you have a pedal chopper type head on it a Champion J8C is the perfect spark plug length and of course there are others like the Autolite 285 if I remember right and many more that will work.

One more thing I want to add, is that if the "knocking" noise isnt a hammering sound and more of a ticking or kinda pinging sound, some of that noise is normal with these engines, but I would pull the head and investigate just to make sure everything you can see is the way it should be.

best wishes
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