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Default Re: Twin 66cc 2 Stroke Build Thread

Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
im almost certain you would have to get the timing on both to match absolutely perfect also. 2 pistons not on the same crank is the same as running one engine. you wont get more speed out of that setup maybe torque. i dont see the point... i could be wrong tho
Got two engines and some time? Why not? You also will get more speed out of this because the extra power allows them to rev higher easier. This set-up if accomplished will probably just have an awesome power range and a decent top speed with some motors fairly over-revving themselves, but it won't be a strenuous over revving because of the extra help of the other engine will make it a bit easier.

As far as getting the timing to match he was talking about welding the clutch plates and all he would have to do is put one at TDC and the other at BDC. Because you wouldn't want them sparking at the same time just because of extra vibrations. Having them firing opposite of each other would make it more tolerable and just make sense. You don't see harleys firing at the same time!
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