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Default Re: First ride of the year

Same here.... been in the high 30's every morning and the roads wet and slick so the bike has been parked more than I want it to be, I don't mind the cold for a quick shot up the street but the bike definitely likes to he warmed up before it performs right so I usually need to let it sit and idle for about 10 minutes before I go and then try not to leave it shut off for kore than 10 minutes once I get to my favorite taco shop in the mornings so I get my food and take it back to the shop to eat it. These engines can cool down a lot in just 10 minutes when the temp outside is in the low 40's or less and its noticeable when the engines not all the way warmed up, I'll lose about 3mph or so once the engine cools down for more than just a few minutes, but it does make nice power when the outside temp is that low.
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