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Default Re: Hit By a Veichle

I see this is an older post but I hope you guys healed up fast and completely...
I do agree on making sure the bike is up to the task before going over 30mph and not to try to push it faster if you feel any wobbles, work all that out before trying again. I got one that dead 42 mph but it got wobbly just over 30 when I first built it,adding a girder type front end and a playback seat to shift my weight further back as well as the right spring rate up front made mine rock solid stable, the front spring really helps remove most the shock loads off the frame, but still gotta watch out for other people on the road in the caged variety, in a collision they will always win.
its also a good idea to wear a helmet, boots, and gloves when going over 25 on public roads. A crash at 30+ can be really bad if not wearing at minimum those 3 items.
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