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Default Re: Need a me clutch lock screw!

Originally Posted by HBrider View Post
Hi, just got my bike all ready to ride. Rode it around for a bit with no problems. Pulled in to my garage and shut her down. Went to go ride again and clutch kept slipping. Opened it up and the lock screw was gone.
Need help finding a new lock screw please! Thanks
I believe those are little 3mm screws, just go to a tractor supply or home depot, lowes are similar and get you a 3mm screw, unscrew flower nut and remove pressure plate, install 3mm screw and then grind threads down close to flush with pressure plate, take screw back out reassemble everything, pull in and lock clutch lever on handlebars, screw flowernut all the way in and then back it back out until the plate isnt pushing in on clutch pucks, turn flower nut so you can reinstall 3mm retaining screw, put cover back on and you should be ready to rock and roll.

One thing I forgot to mention above was put a dab of blue loctite on 3mm screw threads to help insurw it staysand doesnt back out from vibrations.
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