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Default First ride of the year

Well since it was about 50 in Chicago today decided to take the motorbicycle out for a spin. Took the head off and I know there was marks but couldn't feel anything with my nail so it was good. Put a new B6HS in and have it gauged at about .024 or.025 need to put it down a little to get it to .023 seems like a safe medium. First startup was interesting didn't want to turn kept sliding but I also had the he's off and pushed it down all the way to bottom center. Felt that and everything being sticky over the winter didn't help any lol but got it running.

I do get knocking sound when I'm twisting the throttle but goes away when I he off it I don't think it anything but thought id get opinions. I am running 50:1 right now. I am going to look at the plug and see if anything is off with the color. But other than that everything is operating really well.
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