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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
As I stated before ALL orders from Song Top are accompanied by that very massage.
I think it is his way of covering his A-- encase he is low on stock in the states...
I am glad that you have an engine kit to work with . enjoy it and be safe....
( Don't forget to replace the acorns on the head.............)

UPS where I am is closed today and tomorrow hence the Monday delivery time. I hate that....can't wait to get going on this project.

I'm putting the engine directly onto the bike as it sits now, get everything bolted down nice, mix the correct gas/oil mix ect ect, then get it started and go on an actual short ride on it. I'm doing this before any bicycle modifications.

So Far I have learned to mix the oil, synthetic at around 30:1 instaed of 16:1, and only run it for about 10 minutes, regulating the throttle up and down.

Yes, I'll replace the acorns....I did that on my stinger sd as well and I'll make sure the MAG has no varnish left on it, sand it if necessary and just overall make sure every single bolt, nut screw is tightened correctly.
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