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Default Re: Grubee Engines--Where Are They?

Thats the page that got me started. Don Grubee is out of the game. The site is largely info. China Gas is now the source, but I cant find any one selling these by searching the net. If you read through the site carefully it appears that these are probably some of if not the best engines. If you look at the pics of parts they are some of the best finished I have seen. What really caught my interest was in 2009 they had a pic of the GT2B 48cc indicating it had a steel cylinder liner. If this is available in the larger engine I would really like to have a jug.
There are many specs on this site that give insight to the CG engine. As we well know thievery of design is rampant in Chinese industry and the parent company had enough when certain Us sellers began to sell products under their names, particularly Skyhawk. From what I have read it pretty difficult to be able to handle the engine in the US because of investment costs. Its a shame, these seem to be some of the better made engines out there.

I suggest one carefully read this site, its a wealth of information I haven't seen else where.
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