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Default Re: Grubee Engines--Where Are They?

Originally Posted by HDCowboy View Post
How about.........

Or can you even order from that page?
Oh yeah, dont see a place to order a kit on there but there is the typical gloom and doom cr9m them like we been hearing year after year for several years about how all engines but the Skyhawks are gonna be banned and not allowed in the US.... blah blah!

2015 NEWS FLASH for the United States:2015 EPA Certificate of Conformity COC is finally obtained after a years delay in the process:
**66cc Skyhawk 2 cycle engine shipments to our USA WDs will commence in March of this year.
**We will have only 3 WDs in the USA authorized to sell our products in 2015.******WARNING: In 2014 GAS-BIKE in Van Nuys CA was cancelled as our USA WD and will no longer be allowed to sell our products. We should point out that Don Grube CEO of Gru-Bee inc. has the Copyright Trademark of Skyhawk registered in the USA in 2011 and has used said trademark since 2004. We see GasBike continuers to use our registered brand name Skyhawk to describe a counterfeit aluminum bike frame with built-in gas tank which is now not our product. It is a fake copy sold by CDH POWER in China therefore please be advised accordingly. As of Feb 9th China GAS has taken legal action against CDH Power in China for using the Skyhawk name on Alibaba. Further legal action in the USA is pending.
******We will establish no more than (3) WD accounts in the USA for 2015. To accomplish all of this a huge investment of 250,000 rmb plus a 3 million rmb surety bond was required. To amortize this cost our 2015 kit prices will be a little higher than they were in 2012.
******Don Grube plays an important role as fiduciary agent for YuanDong Engine factory and licensed exporter as well as being the CDX guardian of the EPA COC while on the States side Gru-Bee inc. in Durant, OK. will be the fiduciary agent link to EPA. Each WD will have an engine warranty repair station facility.
******Anyone who uses a SkyHawk 2 cycle gas engine made in model years 2015 and 2016 if installed on a bicycle to make a moped the total vehicle dry weight cannot exceed 20KG or 44lbs. with engine and all accoutrements installed. This obviously leaves the moral decision to comply with the EPA law left up to the end user.
******Commercial builders involved in complete motorized bike building will need to secure light weight aluminum frame bikes that weigh no more than 9.5KG. At this time it is not clear how EPA plans to enforce their rulings on individuals using DIY engine kits if applied on a heavier weight bike. However, failure to comply will be a direct violation of the EPA Clean Air Act.

BEWARE: Its common knowledge some importers in the USA are still bringing in the 2 cycle bicycle engines from China smugglers that are not EPA certified for exhaust emission.. EPA officials have repeatedly told us this is totally illegal and they plan to stop it. Proof of this is a 2013 shipment of 1800 uncertified bicycle engines sent to the USA by China FeiMa Flying Horse engine factory that were confiscated by US Customs at port of discharge in California. That represented a huge financial loss for the US importer!
******So beware if exporters in China tell you that EPA certification is not needed. Shipments are now being confiscated and destroyed by US Customs if unloaded at port of discharge without proper EPA ID stickers and accompanying copy of an EPA COC. Beware if you run across this situation or encounter any attempts of Chinese sellers who offer you a fake copy of EPA COC or tell you EPA certification is not needed because they know how to get around the law. Ref: **
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