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Default Re: Advice on fixing more annoying issues

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I'm liking that sprocket adapter that MZ sells and may order one of those later on because I also want to switch over to those alloy mag wheels for my bike. I placed an order from MZ last week so I can see how long it takes for their stuff to ship over to me so I can see if they're a reliable source for certain low cost parts since they also sell the 40mm intake port cylinder kits at a decent price and in both the 38 and 40mm stroke geometries.
For the rear sprockets, I'd like to keep all mine with 40 or more teeth and just run the engines at a higher rpm for top speed in order to keep the acceleration as strong as possible, but most the sprockets that'll bolt onto the disc mount hubs or the Manic type hub adapters are usually 36 teeth or smaller, and the only other source for larger sprockets I've heard is rather unreliable about shiping things quickly.

If you do choose to drill your own sprockets to fit the 6 bolt disc hub pattern it's easiest to do if you got a drill press and also some way to make sure your holes are dead centered so the sprocket wont jump up and down and eat chains etc. The most accurate way to drill them would be to put them on a lathe that has a dividing plate attached so every hole is exactly where it needs to be as well as perfectly centered.
I've made several orders from MZ and I get my stuff quick everytime, everything is well pa kaged and what you see in the ad is exactly what you get, no smoke and mirrors in the ebay pics like with many of the vendors.

I've been very happy with everything I've ordered so far.
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