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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Yup.. that's pretty much my experience ordering from there...
I ordered a 21mm carb 2 weeks ago and who knows when it'll get here... lol
For the cylinders, I'm in no hurry there, just need to build up a good stash of them so I can build a few more bikes this coming winter to sell when business slows down to keep the cash coming in. My plan is to use Dax lowers with these cylinders and pistons then get the better wrist pin bearings and use either Puch or Fred heads. The jugs will just get a basic cleanup of the casting ridge and the excess nikasil removed, then I'll regulate the top speed by using a larger rear sprocket like the 48 or 50 tooth size range to keep them closer to 30 than 40 mph as well as having a nice torquey feel to them. the customers can buy smaller sprockets if they want after they get used to riding them but all of mine should top out at just over 30.
ive been thinking about building me a simple mtb with 24" rear and 26" front wheel and then putting a big enough sprocket on it o limit speed to maybe mid 20's just for a lower speed trail bike that will run through rough terrain an small humps and hills that I can get a little low speed air on as im able to run up them.

I had one bike with a 44T for a short time and it almost had the power for that task, im thi king a 44T o a 24" wheel would be a stump puller with the right engine set up.

maybe take one of the rectangular port jugs, mill about .020 off bottom and then mill top for higher compression, 5.0cc Fred head, just a good free flowing exhaust and an RT carb, good padded seat, suspension forks, BMX bars, and goo rat trap peddles and nice agressive tread knobby tires.

im thinking a fun low speed torquey stump jumper like this would be fun to play around on the trails with.

might need a 48T even on the 24" wheel but I'll just have to see how the 44T works first.
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