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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

Well so far I know that's not one of fifty Dutch bicycle makes that I've checked out so I'm not having much success in that department. The Lucifer Baby dynamo is more than likely their '900' model as it has straight knurling on the drive end. All the other earlier models had radial knurling so that's one small success. Judging by the headlamp we're still in the pre-war era as it looks similar to Miller, Lucas and Bosch headlamps I have from the same time frame.
I enlarged the headbadge decal as much as I could in graphics software and tried to improve the faded lettering, but apart from B.SC....(or G) I couldn't get anything useful. I checked out every bicycle make I knew that has the world on its headbadge and no luck there either.
So for the moment the Intrepid lady has to admit defeat until I get another lead or bright idea.
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